What We Do

Target market – consultant to small and medium sized businesses that do between R10 million and R100 million in sales per annum
Outside objective input on why and how the business needs to be transformed
Strategic thinking and planning – looking at shifts and trends in client’s market
Developing and implementing marketing and financial strategies specific to client’s needs
Improving operational effectiveness through better processes and systems
Improve performance and results of the customer’s business within 12 months

Here is a sample of some of the models I use while being “your silent partner”:

  • 8 steps to developing your business model
  • 10 steps – Turnaround model
  • 6 Steps – Sales Growth Model
  • 6 Steps – Business Management Model
  • Business life cycle – 5 phases
  • CRM Sales Model
  • Reality Check 303 Model
  • 5 Steps – Business Leadership Model
  • SME Risk Management Model
  • 5 Steps – Sales Management Effectiveness Model
  • 6 Phases – Personal/Self Development


Implementation of plans

  • Monthly and Weekly programme structured in such a way that there is consistent and frank discussion on strategic an operational issues
  • Straight forward and simple

Move with speed
Quarterly situation analysis .

  • Performance
  • Results
  • Positioning

Critical Success Factors

  • Sound analyses and interpretation of issues facing your SME business.
  • Implementation of workable simple but effective action programs.
  • Assess Execution – Change, improve action programs, tactics and strategy.
  • Review positioning of business relative to market forces.

Please refer to testimonials regarding the results etc. Achieved from existing and past clients.


Ingrid Hofmeyer – Project Manager, Sanlam Future Business Leaders Week
Approach me in 2000 and 2001 to train entrepreneurs:

2000 — Success strategies for small and medium sized businesses

2001 — Expanding the horizons of your SME: A Practical Approach

Guy has written a book aimed at SMEs “Expanding the horizon of your small to medium sized business – strategies for success.