Mr Dave Gill, General Manager
“Guy has improved our overall sales focus, and added improved enthusiasm to our reps.”

Mr K Mc Vann, Managing Director
“Mr Daines, successfully assisted my team in improving customer service and improved my staff’s personal motivational levels.”

Mr J Morgan, Managing Director
“Guy has helped me improve my management decision making abilities, along with new views on my pricing approach for my services.”

Mr N Tame, Managing Director
“Guy has helped me see my business issues on a 90 day cycle. This helped me focus better on key issues with improved results.”

Jeremy Dannheisser, Owner
I have been interacting with Guy and using his services for the last 4 years. The business environment out there today is a lonely place, fraught with many pitfalls and dangers. Having a guide to help you past these obstacles is one of the most valuable assets you can have. In Guy, I have a business coach, a sounding board, a life skills coach and a friend to bounce ideas and suggestions off. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.

Chad Mellis, Director
Guy helped focus my business in all areas primarily in the sales and finance departments. He is very good at removing the emotion from a business and focusing on working on the business and not in the business. I found him to be professional and would recommend his services with confidence..

Mr R Springer , Managing Director
“Guy got me to see my business through different eyes which has subsequently ensured a big improvement in the business performance.”

Mike Thompson , Managing Director
“Guy introduced well founded sales and marketing campaigns which produced results.”

Lesley Caw , Family Business
“Guy assisted us in identifying what right things to do then we went and did the right things and as a result we achieved a 35 % growth in sales in the first 6 months of 2005.”

Doug Parsons , Managing Director,
“Guy gave me sound business advice which assisted positioning my business for better results.”

Alex Machethe, Managing Director  – 100% BEE Business.
“Guy Daines was introduced to me by my Bookkeeper and it has been one of the best introductions I have received, as I am now 100% more aware of Business Management and how my business has improved in just under 9 months.

I highly recommend the services of Guy as a Business Coach.”

Conrad Kullman , Partner
“Guy improved the structure of our business which improved better control and focus with the subsequent improvement in performance of the business.”

Mr J Tasker , Partner
“Guy brought focus to our business, which subsequent improved in performances and results.”

Mr Colin Rice & Graham Martin , Partners
“Guy consulted to us for a 2 year period wherein our financial management and sales management focus were greatly enhanced through his advice with subsequent improvement in results.”

Nikki S, Business Owner 5 years
“Guy has helped me to think of my business on a higher level and has given me the confidence to see the WORTH of my services my company offers. He has helped me realise the potential my company has and has given me the ideas on how to grow it further”

Ian and Lizel and team
“Guy thank you for sharing a part of you with us, it has changed our lives forever”

Conrad K
Conrad K started his business in his garage in 1995 with his brother, in 1998 Guy started coaching us, 18 years later Guy still coaching business units in our group, which has grown to 6 businesses , and helped us become the leader in our industry. Guy a great mentor and friend.

Flip, I still have the workshop material from Guy’s workshop
Flip P, Business owner, my son( on a gap year) attended Guy’s workshops at the SANLAM FUTURE BUSINESSES Leaders week in 2000, started our business, 17 years later business still operating, recently contacted Guy to help take our business to the next level.

Natalie and Dieter
“Guy improved our all round bookkeeping approach, brought focus to key areas in our business with better results”

Layton R Smith ( international entrepreneur/ consultant)
Guy has the demonstrable track record since 1997 to add those special moments of concise clarity as essential foundations to build and optimize momentum in your business life.