•  You and I both know that being a sales manager in today’s turbulent times, with ever demanding clients, needs a new approach. I have 35 years’ experience in sales, training, coaching and working with sales reps. I have in depth knowledge of the new sales game.
  • Focused at you, the new Sales Manager or Seasoned Sales Manager
  • Specific one-on-one training in your office. “Real time, live in the trenches training”.

(Some examples of the sales management training that will be covered)

  • Sales Management training will cover
    • Sales management checklist
    • My sales management model
    • Revisit the sales game
    • Sales leadership model 5 key areas
    • Key numbers and information you currently analyse vs my suggestions/ CRM system
    • Sales rep 3 phases of development
    • 4 Areas of sales growth
    • Personal development of a sales manager
  • With clients being given so many different choices and options. You therefore need to do an outstanding job with sales information – how you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you stay ahead or fall behind the pack.

Guy improved my all round Sales Management approach with sustainable results.
Mark Furnell – Sales Director:

Guy assisted me in positioning our sales better from a Rand and Margin viewpoint via Sales Information usage and interpretation.
Richard Bell – Sales Director:

In the B&B game with many customers – Guy gave me improved focus in all areas of my Sales Management with improved results.
Sharon Hobson – Sales Manager:

Guy Daines – best Sales Manager ever that worked with me!
George Yeo (1980’s):