The Business world is growing more complicated each day. New techniques, new competitors, new regulations, a new generation of workers, the pace of technological change, the complexity and growing competitiveness and the growing importance of knowledge and information will compel businesses to seek out professional advice. It’s getting harder all the time to maintain the expertise small and medium sized businesses need to stay ahead of things. Sooner or later there will be a need for an independent unbiased, and frank outside assistance.



Guy started his business career in 1979, after completing 3 years in the Rhodesian army. Guys business career has predominantly been in the banking industry, commercial, retail, asset based finance and investment banking.

Positions range from Sales Representative, business development office, sales manager, branch manager,regional manager and national sales and marketing manager. In 1995 Guy was offered the position of Managing Director of a SME business in the design, PR and marketing field, a position he held for 2 years.

In March 1997 Guy founded SCOTRHO Business and Marketing Management Consulting focused at the SME market, subsequent name change to SCOTRHO SME Business coaching.

Guy has written and published articles for Succeed and Your business Magazines since 1999. In 2000 and 2001 he ran workshops at the Sanlam Future Business Weeks, held in Grahamstown.

In 2012 Guy entered the world of blogging and established 3 blogs

practical power lessons


Scotrho provides superior consulting and training

Scotrho provides superior consulting and training because I believe in truly providing services designed to meet my clients research needs, rather than standard packages.
I believe in the need to build ongoing client relationships through providing added value in the form of additional information and coaching. In this way I help my customers make accelerated progress towards self-reliance with regards to the successful implementation of business and marketing plans.

I focus on self-directed learning. Self-directed learning is a process of continuously taking in new information, ideas, insights, and then changing our behaviour as a result. Our only sustainable effective response to a rapidly changing world is to cultivate the ability to positively transform ourselves.

Self-directed learning differs from the traditional approaches to “training” in that it requires us, as individuals to assume control and responsibility for our own behaviour change.

As one of my clients said to me, “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.” Therefore we need to change what we do, if we expect different consequences.

My fee structure reflects the need to be able to provide sufficient time and resources to ensure the achievement of predetermined measurable outcomes.

Guy Daines

Specializes in Leadership, General management and SME Business Transformation , business repositioning, sales and sales management, social selling, financial management, Organizational Behavior, and Digital marketing.

Kyle Daines
(Sales and Marketing Specialist)

Specializes in Organizational Behavior, integrated marketing communication, sales and sales management, social selling, digital marketing, SME Business transformation


To successfully implement business and
marketing and / or sales
programmes that will enhance my clients’
business attractiveness to
their customers and
through this
improve my
client’s performance and results

I am your Silent Partner, helping you work on your Business


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